Social Media Application Tools For Better Link Building Efforts

toolsSocial media is good but too much social media is such a pain you wish you’ll just have one tool to direct things out and still come up with the best possible action and result. It will always be on top of your task list to get high search results rankings. Here enters the importance of link building in social media. The option to outsource SEO link building presents a relative advantage.

Link building is a vast element of Search Engine Optimization that covers all grounds of online function and programs.  Social Networks can be the best highway to generate a series of link chains that would enable increased search engine positioning. As social media is the infamous venue where online traffic is going upstream, your mission to find and create links is achievable but hard. Why? Imagine finding a valuable tiny piece of gem stone in grains of sand. This is how brutally exhausting a social network can get. Credibility of links will always be a striking issue. One of the more popular social networking sites is Twitter. Yes, a rather prominent fixture in Social Media. The challenge now is coming up with the best, credible, relevant accounts to build links with. But tasking as it may seem, you will always have an easier time to get around the bushes of SEO link building when you are equipped with the right tools in hand.  Let us try to narrow down our focus to Twitter Application Tools designed to boost up a potential link building breakthrough.


Advantage is generally built for online enterprises to support and manage their social media function in the World Wide Web. This provides for a better interaction between online users, manages campaigns and public relations, provide customer service, and ultimately optimize your product’s visibility.


Social Media is not just about Twitter, one of the more vital social network of this generation is Facebook. Unfortunately, CoTweet does not have function to support FB which may be a big blow to all your social media endeavors.



TweetDeck boasts a 19% market share as of June 2009, a sure big feat in a competition-filled virtual arena. It has also been developed for compatibility to several operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS X). It serves as a more organized Twitter application that would best support Tweet updates and following.


Currently, one major disadvantage of Tweetdeck is handling several accounts. It can also be resource exhausting for the processing memory of your machine and would eventually slow and freeze everything up.



Laterbro is the classic simple version of all twitter application. It revolves around managing of your Twitter updates and scheduling tweet posts. In the busy world that is social media, you sometimes just need a dose of fresh air, and presents a plain but fundamentally accurate social network application. network


What makes it live could be the very cause of its death. Ironic as it may seem but the fact that it doesn’t boost a variety of application functions and gives the notion of a limited Social Media Activity. Users would always look for ways to make their life easy and not exhaust too much effort and laterbro isn’t much up to the task of doing so.

As far as the Social media scene is concerned, there are varied tools to select from. After all, it comes down to what suits you best. As your to-do list takes on a full swing and gets longer, your option to outsource SEO link building tasks and finding the best application tool can just be your saving grace to a better link building endeavor. In some cases, SEO is such a complex social media element that social media tools cannot cater to everything. Equipped with the right tools plus the right SEO packages can catapult your way up the Social Media hierarchy and link building credibility.