5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web Site

5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web SiteYou’ve poured a significant amount of effort in coming up with a potent website to promote your business. To be successful in your campaign, you have to efficiently promote your website first so that it can effectively promote your business.

The whole process of developing your website can drain much of your energy. In the same way, this tedious task eats up a lot of your time. And now you’re facing yet another challenge – how to effectively optimize your website. This time, however, you won’t need to exert so much effort, as there are a lot of companies can do this for you. Nonetheless, the challenge is to find the right company that can bring your site to the top of your customers’ lists.

Here are some questions that will help you identify the best company fit to do the task:

  1. Are they submitting your URL to directories manually or automatically?

    With so many search engines and directories on the Internet, you have to make sure that the company you contract informs you as to how many submissions they will be making, and how often. Steer clear of any company that performs automated submission services rather than manual submission. Many Internet marketers prefer manual submissions over automated ones.

  2. Do they guarantee their services?

    It is important that the company you choose to promote your website offers a guarantee of their services, and has clearly defined deliverable and measurable provisions.

  3. How do they send their emails to a list of names? Is it by BCC’ing?

    Receiving something such as an unsolicited phone call from someone you don’t know can be really irritating, right? The same is true with blind carbon copies of emails. So make sure that they don’t send unsolicited mass emails by blind carbon copying an email list.
    5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web Site

  4. Are they performing more than basic research?

    It’s not enough that they just stick your URL in major directories. Taking some time to perform some detailed research prior to submission can do wonders.

  5. Does the company offer to provide you with references?

    Always ask for proof whenever they claim that they encourage other people to become aware of your site. References, names, as well as their phone numbers can be the proof that you need. More often than not, this is overlooked. This appears so simple, yet this is very important.

    It is important for you to gain trust with the company you chose to promote your website. In one way or another, that company will serve as an extension of your own business. The above mentioned questions will serve as your guide to check whether the company you choose can do this important task effectively. Trust begets confidence; if you know that the company you entrusted to promote your website is the best fit, a huge weight is already lifted off your shoulders and everything else will follow, just like a domino effect.