5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web Site

5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web SiteYou’ve poured a significant amount of effort in coming up with a potent website to promote your business. To be successful in your campaign, you have to efficiently promote your website first so that it can effectively promote your business.

The whole process of developing your website can drain much of your energy. In the same way, this tedious task eats up a lot of your time. And now you’re facing yet another challenge – how to effectively optimize your website. This time, however, you won’t need to exert so much effort, as there are a lot of companies can do this for you. Nonetheless, the challenge is to find the right company that can bring your site to the top of your customers’ lists.

Here are some questions that will help you identify the best company fit to do the task:

  1. Are they submitting your URL to directories manually or automatically?

    With so many search engines and directories on the Internet, you have to make sure that the company you contract informs you as to how many submissions they will be making, and how often. Steer clear of any company that performs automated submission services rather than manual submission. Many Internet marketers prefer manual submissions over automated ones.

  2. Do they guarantee their services?

    It is important that the company you choose to promote your website offers a guarantee of their services, and has clearly defined deliverable and measurable provisions.

  3. How do they send their emails to a list of names? Is it by BCC’ing?

    Receiving something such as an unsolicited phone call from someone you don’t know can be really irritating, right? The same is true with blind carbon copies of emails. So make sure that they don’t send unsolicited mass emails by blind carbon copying an email list.
    5 Guiding Questions in Identifying the Company that Will Help Promote Your Web Site

  4. Are they performing more than basic research?

    It’s not enough that they just stick your URL in major directories. Taking some time to perform some detailed research prior to submission can do wonders.

  5. Does the company offer to provide you with references?

    Always ask for proof whenever they claim that they encourage other people to become aware of your site. References, names, as well as their phone numbers can be the proof that you need. More often than not, this is overlooked. This appears so simple, yet this is very important.

    It is important for you to gain trust with the company you chose to promote your website. In one way or another, that company will serve as an extension of your own business. The above mentioned questions will serve as your guide to check whether the company you choose can do this important task effectively. Trust begets confidence; if you know that the company you entrusted to promote your website is the best fit, a huge weight is already lifted off your shoulders and everything else will follow, just like a domino effect.

Tips for an SEO Personal Assistant: Stick to the Basics

Search Engine Optimization is one of the many reasons why your online business venture can be a success. It gives you a wide array of opportunities to develop a name and have your product be presented to the online market. Considering the series of tasks ahead of you to optimize your own page, outsourcing this job function is a viable option. Hiring an SEO personal assistant would not only cover the task list but also provide the much needed skill to come up with the best value for your own online page.

As SEO can be a vast forest to trek in, your virtual assistants’ job can be a challenging one. It will always be a challenge for them to be flexible and stay mindful of different aspects that you may fail to see. But, you always have the advantage to narrow down and look into the microcosm of SEO. Here are the basic, fundamental areas your SEO personal assistant should focus on.

Work to be Discovered

This is probably the very reason why you have to put up an online hub in the first place. SEO gains value by increasing the visibility of a webpage or site. How do you do this? It is the job of your seo virtual assistant to increase traffic and activity on your site. This may be done by optimizing your images and anchor text links. You can also submit industry related articles to article submission sites; these are high probability links that you acquire quickly and have control over. Furthermore, you can also create a XML sitemap to help searchbots find and work through your site.

Keep Your Eye on the Top

It is rather uncanny that SEO is much like the game of life, everyone’s aiming for the top spot. Who wouldn’t be, right? This goes along with the first fundamental step, to be visible you have to be on top. Online surfers tend to click on the first particular webpage when they search online for a reason. Yes, they don’t have the luxury to scan through a zillion search results. By virtue of being on the first page, to say the least, you give your site a boost to get-on the mainstream busy highway of online web links.

Be Relevant

If you’re aiming to just be popular, then you have it all mixed up. You can only be number one if you drive in relevant traffic in the context of your own site/product. Having relevant content can attract interested visitors and next thing you know, word of mouth can double everything up. Getting in relevant traffic creates continuous links that would hold the interest of an online visitor.

It’s All About Results

This last basic metric is the most important one. Have you taken a look into how much polishing an artist takes for him to present his masterpiece? One reason– Results! Yes, it’s all about the outcome, conclusion, end-product or whatever you may want to call it. This spells out the success of your online venture, whether it is campaign success or increased purchases.

There are a number of tools to get you on the way of building and achieving a better turn-out for your web mission. Take note, however, that it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve been able to get the result that you wanted it is your job to maintain and stabilize everything. This may call for another challenge that you have to hurdle over. There are other SEO services that can be outsourced for you to get away from the daunting job function of (continuous) SEO and social media efforts. Always remember that in the busy web world, it will take a conscious effort from you to get ahead of the pack. It wouldn’t hurt, then, if you get back to basics; it might be the right springboard you need on your way to success.

Why You Need a Blog Writing Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantYou were in a store and you need information regarding a certain product. A friendly sales representative approached you and addressed all your concerns. You were pleased. The next time you needed something, it is normal that you go to that particular store and look for that particular representative. A virtual assistant for blog writing extends help in such a way. They can be compared to a skilled and friendly sales representative that can attract people to continuously visit your site and eventually increase your site rankings and achieve greater profitability.

Blogs Creates Relationship

Why do you think customers go to shops, department stores or retail outlets?

The reason is clear. They are looking for something and by going to such places they expect to find what they are looking for.

Why do you think people visit your website?

The same reason applies. People are looking for information and by visiting your website, they are expecting to have loads of useful information they can get.

And how can you make your visitors behave like loyal customers? There are several ways but perhaps the best method is to please them. To continuously please them. They visit your site for information, so you should provide them with useful information not just once or twice but regularly.

How can you do this? Maintain a relevant and useful blog.  People do not enter your site out of “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” perception. There is a reason behind why they clicked your site. And if they are satisfied with what they get from your site, tendency is they will visit your site over and over again.

Maintaining a blog is key to create a healthy give and take relationship. Visitors get the information they need from you and in turn you earn their trust which gives you a greater chance to be more profitable.

Everyone Loves Blogs (Even Spiders)

Of course you want improvement. You want your efforts to be noticed. If you own a small store, you surely would like your store to grow and expand. Same goes with your site. You don’t want your site to be dormant.

Good thing with blogging is every time you create a new blog (post a blog), your website is updated and the search engines notice it.

Search engines use web spiders to track the activities and performance of sites. If you continuously create relevant and attractive blogs, you are not only attracting visitors and potential customers; web spiders which are on constant lookout for information will also be much impressed. This in turn will improve your rankings in the search engines. And as you know, higher rankings can translate to higher visibility and profitability. Blogs

Be Effective and Efficient with Blog Management.

If you own a store, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are obliged to focus all your attention in attending your own store. Catering to customers’ concerns everyday will surely burn you out. This is the reason why you hire sales representatives to attend to your customers on your behalf.

As previously mentioned, a virtual assistant for blog writing acts the same way as that of a skilled and friendly sales representative.  Blog Management is like attending to a store customer’s concerns. It is a time-consuming task. It requires regular postings, updating blog information, website maintenance, encouraging people to comment on your blog posts, marketing the blog and the social bookmarking of each blog post. This is such a tedious job if you try to handle it all by yourself.

Why exert too much time and effort? Look for an expert virtual assistant for blog writing instead. If you find one, you will be pleased with how visitors will show appreciation towards your website and the attention you will get from search engines. You can therefore turn your attention to other things and be efficient and effective at the same time. You can have all of these advantages if you tap the services of a reliable SEO virtual assistant for your blog.

Social Media Application Tools For Better Link Building Efforts

toolsSocial media is good but too much social media is such a pain you wish you’ll just have one tool to direct things out and still come up with the best possible action and result. It will always be on top of your task list to get high search results rankings. Here enters the importance of link building in social media. The option to outsource SEO link building presents a relative advantage.

Link building is a vast element of Search Engine Optimization that covers all grounds of online function and programs.  Social Networks can be the best highway to generate a series of link chains that would enable increased search engine positioning. As social media is the infamous venue where online traffic is going upstream, your mission to find and create links is achievable but hard. Why? Imagine finding a valuable tiny piece of gem stone in grains of sand. This is how brutally exhausting a social network can get. Credibility of links will always be a striking issue. One of the more popular social networking sites is Twitter. Yes, a rather prominent fixture in Social Media. The challenge now is coming up with the best, credible, relevant accounts to build links with. But tasking as it may seem, you will always have an easier time to get around the bushes of SEO link building when you are equipped with the right tools in hand.  Let us try to narrow down our focus to Twitter Application Tools designed to boost up a potential link building breakthrough.



CoTweet.com is generally built for online enterprises to support and manage their social media function in the World Wide Web. This provides for a better interaction between online users, manages campaigns and public relations, provide customer service, and ultimately optimize your product’s visibility.


Social Media is not just about Twitter, one of the more vital social network of this generation is Facebook. Unfortunately, CoTweet does not have function to support FB which may be a big blow to all your social media endeavors.



TweetDeck boasts a 19% market share as of June 2009, a sure big feat in a competition-filled virtual arena. It has also been developed for compatibility to several operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS X). It serves as a more organized Twitter application that would best support Tweet updates and following.


Currently, one major disadvantage of Tweetdeck is handling several accounts. It can also be resource exhausting for the processing memory of your machine and would eventually slow and freeze everything up.



Laterbro is the classic simple version of all twitter application. It revolves around managing of your Twitter updates and scheduling tweet posts. In the busy world that is social media, you sometimes just need a dose of fresh air, and laterbro.com presents a plain but fundamentally accurate social network application. network


What makes it live could be the very cause of its death. Ironic as it may seem but the fact that it doesn’t boost a variety of application functions and gives the notion of a limited Social Media Activity. Users would always look for ways to make their life easy and not exhaust too much effort and laterbro isn’t much up to the task of doing so.

As far as the Social media scene is concerned, there are varied tools to select from. After all, it comes down to what suits you best. As your to-do list takes on a full swing and gets longer, your option to outsource SEO link building tasks and finding the best application tool can just be your saving grace to a better link building endeavor. In some cases, SEO is such a complex social media element that social media tools cannot cater to everything. Equipped with the right tools plus the right SEO packages can catapult your way up the Social Media hierarchy and link building credibility.

SEO VS. SEM: A Quick Review for Your Virtual Assistant

Social Media for Professional Networking“Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.” – Philip Kotler

This definition of marketing is pretty much alive. Nonetheless, due to the advancement in technology, marketing is also expanding with search engine marketing virtual assistants joining the mix of traditional marketers.

Marketing through Search Engines

Due to the significant rise of internet usage, everyone wants to translate the vast attention that the internet is garnering into marketing profitability. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two of those ways.


You might mistake SEO with SEM. This is understandable since in one way or another, the two concepts are closely related. However, you should know the main difference between them to better think of ways on how to effectively promote your product/services.


SEO is concerned with how to optimize your website for you to obtain a high search engine results position. With a higher ranking, your site has a greater chance to be visited by searchers which in turn will translate to higher chances for sales. This technique includes all the necessary steps like taking care of internal links, incoming links, heading tags, Meta tags and ensuring that you have the right keyword density for your page and site’s topic.  Links are also given great importance as well as giving additional weight to your sites’ content.  Social media and website promotion, Press Release Submission and RSS Feed Submission are also some integral parts in SEO.


SEM on the other hand is broader term. It’s everything that can be done to utilize the technology of search engines with the goal of promoting a web site and increasing its traffic and increase profit.  With this definition, you can say that SEO is a subpart of SEM.

Here are some factors that are included in SEM which are outside the scope of SEO:

Paid Inclusion

Rather than setting up your site and let search engine spiders find it on its own, you have the option of paying a search engine or a directory for your site to be added on their database immediately. If you’re willing to pay, your site will be listed sooner.

Social Media for Professional Networking

Traditional Ads

This involves placing paid advertising on the search engine result pages (SERPs). To simplify, you pay whether an ad sends anyone to your web site or not.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Such campaigns give you the option to decide which keywords should bring up your ads. In such a manner, you write the copy, and you decide how much you want to pay. You only pay for an ad when someone clicks it and is brought to your site.

Advantages of SEM over SEO

SEM practices offer the advantage of immediacy compared to pure SEO efforts only. If you want to increase your traffic and your visibility immediately, you just need to get ready with your money to achieve the results you want.

SEM shoulders greater responsibility

You’ve spent your time and money to lure people to your web site. You must live up to the hype. You must convince your visitors that your site has all the necessary information they need. Make sure that all the information is presented in an organize manner and that you have relevant and useful content. If not, the effort and money you’ve spent will all be put to waste and your site will be remembered as a site which failed to deliver.

The Verdict

Bottom line is, if you are a risk taker with the necessary resources and you want to achieve results immediately, you might want to put a nudge with SEM but if you just want to lay back and you have the patience to wait for the results to speak for itself, focusing and sticking with SEO would be the best for you.

In either way, a search engine marketing virtual assistant can give you the expertise and the advice that you need to make a sound decision. Finding the right assistant is critical for your success. You must start now and make the most of the SEO services that you can find.

SEO and SEM Virtual Assistant Strategies that Work

Social Media for Professional NetworkingWhen was the last time that someone (obviously burdened by the weight of the bag he’s carrying) knocked on your door to present the latest version of a particular encyclopedia? This may leave a smirk on your face but those were the days. Due to the advancements in technology, marketing as a whole has evolved, paving the way for other marketers like SEO virtual assistants, which search engine marketing to perform their new-age marketing functions.

The rapid growth of population was partnered by the rise in internet usage. People want to have their needs addressed in the fastest way and fastest time possible. The internet serves as the gateway for instant access to information with lightning speed transactions. Gone were the days when sales representatives of encyclopedias flocked into your neighborhood. Even AVON ladies who typically visited households every now and then have diminished in their numbers.

As a businessman and a marketer, you are aware about the role the internet is playing for you to attract potential customers. The internet is the face of modern marketing world. It serves as a medium which upholds marketing’s essence, that is to create customer interest in goods or services. With the variety of information stored, the internet can also be used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, satisfy and keep the customer.

SEO and SEM in Focus

You might be familiar with the term SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is all about optimizing your website to achieve a favorably good position in search engines and draw more attention from potential customers.

Was there a point however when you felt the urge to give an extra push beyond SEO’s boundaries even if this means extra costs on your part? If you believe that the long run benefits of these actions will overshadow the risks you will be taking and the costs that you will incur, SEM is the answer that you’re looking for and an SEM virtual assistant will be your best friend.

SEM is a much broader term which actually includes SEO as one of its techniques. SEM includes paid inclusion and other ads which a company can take advantage of to advertise itself on a search engine.

With this in mind, it is fitting for you to know how a virtual assistant can help you with your online marketing campaign.

Social Media for Professional Networking

Things a SEM assistant can do

  1. Conduct Keyword Research and Selection – Your Marketing Virtual Assistant is highly capable of doing keyword research and can help you find the best keywords for your website.
  2. Perform Competitive Analysis – This involves checking what your competitors are doing and how they are performing. Knowing your competitors rank in search engines and the steps that they are taking to improve their standings will guide you towards the path that you should take to improve.
  3. Assist You in Google Analytics – An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can assist you in Google Analytics for you to effectively monitor Pay-per-Click(PPC) and natural search performance.
  4. Monitor Search Position Tracking – A virtual assistant can use particular web tools to track current Search Engine Ranks based on particular keywords. In such way, keywords will be used effectively to boost your site’s performance.
  5. Link Building – Getting high quality websites and blogs to link to your website will improve your sites’ search rankings. Your virtual assistant can help you in this area by taking care of your Link Building campaign.
  6. Add Substance To Your Site’s Content – The content of your site is the heart and essence of your business. Your efforts in attracting site visitors will all be put to waste if you do not have solid site content marketing plan. Your SEM assistant won’t allow this to happen. With their skills and expertise, they’ll make sure that your visitors will find your site worthy of constant visits.

These search engine optimization services can be performed by an effective SEM virtual assistant. If you are not afraid of taking risks, this will surely be helpful. After all there’s a basis for the saying “No guts, no glory.”

Online Marketing Personal Assistant: Your Answer to Online Marketing Woes

Social Media for Professional NetworkingStarting to build your business or built it a long time ago but it seems that nobody notices it online? Want to market, promote and advertise your products and services but it seems nobody cares? A lot of people care; they just can’t find your website. It’s all in your SEO strategies.  Go and check various SEO services with trusted outsourcing companies online and get yourself an online marketing personal assistant to save and jump start your business. This is the best thing as far as internet marketing for-businesses which don’t know how is concerned. Why wrack your brains out and spend sleepless nights trying to figure out how all these SEO hullabaloos work when you can just hire a SEO VA on the spot and all your internet marketing problems are taken care of, right?

Make Yourself Problem-free by Leaving Internet Marketing to Those Who Know

You’ve tried and tried and failed and now you think you’re left with no other options on how to succeed in marketing your business online. But guess what? You still have one left and one of the best options, I may say: hiring a SEO virtual assistant such as online marketing personal assistants. Why not leave all these SEO and online marketing dilemmas to those who know best, right? It won’t only save you a great amount of time but will surely have a positive outcome with regards to your online marketing and website popularity. Plus, you’ll be reaping rewards through hiring SEO virtual assistants much faster than by the time you’d get the hang of it all through self-study and never ending trial and error tests.

Online Marketing Personal Assistant Takes You Up the SEO Ladder

Social Media for Professional NetworkingMillions of people are seeking the assistance of the World Wide Web searches everyday for almost anything and everything they can think of. The problem is, usually, most of them just scroll and browse up to the first few pages but your site isn’t anywhere near the FIRST few pages – it’s on the LAST few pages. So what to do? Here’s when your SEO virtual assistant comes into the picture. In no time, see your website, which is on the last page of search engines, jump to the top rankings. See the number of people taking notice of your website increase big time and your business grow. Once again, it’s just a matter of SEO strategies, and nobody does it better than well-trained SEO virtual assistants from a credible outsourcing company.

To sum it all up, getting a SEO virtual assistant for your online marketing needs is pretty convenient, brings amazing outcome to your business and with a non-hefty price range. How cool can that get? Get one now and see the wonders they bring.

Internet Marketing: The Next Step For Your Small Business

How to Create a Company BlogIt will not do you much favor if you try online marketing with little know-how on marketing tactics and strategies. Yes, online trading plus a relative understanding of marketing technicalities both serve as proper ingredients to produce a well cooked small business venture. Welcome to the world of internet marketing for small business. The realm where small businesses flourish to become market giants thanks to the effective dissemination and build-up of web links.

As it has been put, time and again, marketing entails getting a target market to take notice of the product/service you are offering. Taking the World Wide Web as a medium of your marketing endeavors will likely make your business spread like virtual wildfire. But how do you achieve a rather difficult feat given all the web-based technicalities and business jargon you should consider? Here’s a simple and easy way out of all these.

There is nothing like a freebie!

Take it anyway you like but people will always love to receive free things. It does not mean a giveaway always, just little notes containing your business venture would do. A collection of articles here, a software application there, can really make a difference for your market gains. Yes, these very pieces of information can spread out and next thing you know your offer is being sought after by the online populace.

Blogging widens the reach of your business services. Getting your way to the blogosphere gives you the chance to introduce your business to the public, share ideas about your industry, and most importantly, stay in touch with your customers.

An INCENTIVE can cause a stir

Incentives in business jargon are somewhat relevant to a freebie in context only that you are no longer trying to give free samples of your service/product. Internet marketing for small business would take in possible measures to make one-time come back again. The trick? Incentives—give out discounts, seasonal promo rates, special services and accommodation or even head-on latest product news. This would create a notion that they are valued and your business doors (and windows, in some instances) are open to provide them with the product or service they need.

Deliver the business straight and fast

Ever wondered why popular celebrities are always on the headlines of entertainment pages? Haven’t you realized why big-scale innovations get onto the daily news front page? This is because they’re saleable, it causes a certain hype where people would dig their claws in and take notice of. Take this principle into your own online business venture no matter how small-scale it may be and you get your site a hot, newsworthy item to talk about amongst the internet users. Take press releases as measures for better credibility and visibility.

The Benefit of REVIEW

How to Create a Company Blog

If there’s one thing you have to learn from business is that it revolves around a constant change. And you can only invoke change if there is something that needs to be changed, hence, the review! You can always pull reviews on some web materials like published books, blogs, industry products, web-based services, the list goes on. Reviews can open up the possibility of more exposure and credible backlinks for your SEO efforts.

Online marketing, like any other publicity measures, takes on the principle of offering, providing and catering to the needs of a specific market. To be able to achieve all this there are many search engine optimization services to make your site the most viewed and searched among online web traffic. You may be clouded by the technical aspects of putting together marketing and web-based programs but who’s to say you can’t get that booming online trade you’ve been dreaming of. All it takes is extra effort and a positive approach to the public and everything will be well directed on the right track.